Thursday, October 31, 2013


Paper doll, come try it on.
Step out of that black chiffon.
Here's a dress of gold and blue,
Sure was fun being good to you.

This one we made just for fall,
Winter runs a bit to small.
This mint green is new for spring.
My love didn't cost a thing...

Does anyone know which artist this is? Oh, simply the most amazing singer of this generation! I love love loooooveeee John Mayer! For those who have no idea who he is, I would strongly insist on you listening to my all time favourite song "Slow Dancing In A Burning Room''... damn, that song is just ah-ma-zinnnnn!! Question: Am I the only one that wonders around with my headphones and imagines my life has a soundtrack? I'm almost sure that's not the case, and that everyone has at least once began to nod or even went to the extreme of dancing along for a few seconds to their music in the middle of the street. If not, that's okay, put that in your bucket list. I have caught myself numerous times upon almost singing along, and in utter honesty, I really don't give a damn. The other day, I was taking the metro with a friend during rush hour, and everyone just looked too serious. There was no space whatsoever and we were all crammed like sardines. My friend and I were in such a good mood, laughing and not paying attention to anything, up to the point when we realised we were literally the only ones speaking in the whole train. We began to ask people how their day was... they were not impressed. Being the person I am, I just had to say, or more specifically shout "Awkward silenceeee!"  which was followed by a mutual "Awkward Turtle!". I do not want to generalise, but I could swear that most Swiss adults are so uptight... I'll stop right there.
These photos were taken in Yvorne, the Swiss 'country side'. I'm not sure you can even call anything else in Switzerland other than the country side. My mum and I decided that it all looks like a giant park - all of it! So clean and well taken care of, not to mention absolutely fabulous! 

P.S.: Happy Halloween Everyone!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


My, my... Women... Don't we just love to feel beautiful? Whether it's to pamper ourselves up before an event, buy a new item of clothing or cosmetics, take hours to get ready before a night out or just simply exercise. There are so many things that ''The Woman'' does just to make herself feel that tad little bit more beautiful! In this case, over the years, I have found that the odd photo shoot can boost ones confidence higher than the sealing. They are a fun experience that any woman who is looking for a way to light up her spark should consider. Not only do you either get to be someone dramatically different to who you really are, in contrast, you can just be yourself. Here is a photo shoot I have done sometime this year. I love how it is very simple yet effective. In my opinion the grey scale makes the emotions stand out giving the picture a more powerful feel. Here are some of my favourite shots, hope you guys enjoy something a little different than usual! Let me know what you think! Have a great day!

Monday, October 28, 2013


Dear Diary... How many times have you guys tried to start one? And miserably failed after a few weeks... Yesterday has been a very productive day for me, personally. I have no idea what happened, but I decided to clean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! There is a cupboard in my room which was filled with the most useless things until I decided to lay my hands on it. I am pretty sure that everyone has this one box where they keep all the things that they might 'someday need'. You know, the one with the buttons, coins from a foreign country and other absolutely useless items that you haven't used for years but you still keep? The craziest things I came across were empty perfume boxes that I kept in case I will travel and put my fragrance back inside it. It became mental - I threw almost 30 in the trash because they were just taking up space. The other things I was surprised to find were items I have long lost and absolutely forgot about! That is when you know, you never needed them - throw it all out! I felt so refreshed, as if I took a massive weight off my back and trashed the old to make space for the new. I believe that comes to everything in life, people move on and we need to let go of the past no matter which sentimental value it has to us. On the other hand, on a more pleasant note, I discovered my Diaries which I tried keeping when I was younger. Reading through pages of all the memories of crushes and BFFs. LOL It's strange to think that years ago those things that we so desperately worried about have no meaning to us today what so ever. It just makes me realise that what I can't help but get my head around today, might not matter in a certain period of time. Furthermore, I can't help but laugh at myself for worrying about the most meaningless things because in fact, everything is going so well that you wonder ''where the catch?''. At the end of the afternoon, I felt so relieved to get rid of the weight of the past, it was the most therapeutic thing I could have possibly done that day. You know how they say 'Spring cleaning'? Well now I believe that the best time to let go is after a summer full of adventures that should just stay only in your memories. I have officially come up with a new concept of 'Autumn Cleaning'.
Here are some photos I took a while ago that I finally came around to sharing, since I honestly am a lazy *@#! and just couldn't be bothered to post... 

TOP: New Yorker
WATCH: Tissot

Thursday, October 24, 2013


It's half term! It is also Autumn! I love this season of the year. As much as I do enjoy hardly wearing any clothes, there is a point when I really feel like getting my winter coats out. Don't get me wrong, layers of clothing is something atrocious in my opinion; it's uncomfortable, makes you look larger and you can never predict whether you put too many or too little on. In contrast, I love to cuddle up in front of the fire place with a cup of tea... yum! It's the time of the year when you can still wear a few of your summer clothes such as tops, ballerinas and dresses. However, you twist the look by making it look more cosy and 'Autumny'. The warm colours of the season are absolutely incredible! This morning, my mum came out with a very funny point, being that my cat matches the background and the leaves (he's ginger). Technically, he's my sister's cat, but she abandoned him and made a very bad choice of leaving it with my parents.. not the wisest idea... she is never getting him back! Back to topic, I have debated with myself which is my favourite season of the year. I must mention that I'm a winter baby, therefore snow reminds me of my birthday, which means I might have a very bias opinion. I still haven't figured it out.. For all those who are strongly opinionated and think summer is the best season, let me remind you of how amazing it feels to ski on fresh snow, hors piste, in the sun while listening to music. OR enjoy a hot chocolate in the fresh air while it's sunny and golden outside. If you still disagree with me, I give up.. I am now believe you are a very stubborn person. 
For this outfit I chose very cold colours, since we're getting close to winter, yet we still have the privilege of getting to take pleasure out of those extra few degrees. In which case we able to wear open shoes and no hats, gloves and scarves. YAY! I love combining an outfit that still requires a jacket, especially in Autumn because this IS the season for trench coats. Furthermore, in my humble opinion those bad boys give you a killer hour-glass body and they are the ultimate elegant piece that is timeless!

TOP: TopShop
BAG & RING: Chanel
COAT: MaxMara
NAILS: Yves Saint Laurent, Noir Primitif 27

Thursday, September 19, 2013


There is no place like home! Going back to my origins I am Russian and Belge by passport, however, I am Swiss by heart. My family and I moved here when I was at the age of 4 and since, Switzerland is the place I have always been calling home. When I was younger we would always drive up to the beginning of a hiking spot in the Alps and spend the whole day taking in the scenery and enjoying the wonders of nature. Then again, our goal would always be a delicious Restaurant hidden at the top of the mountain. This time, my best friend Dianah and I went on a wonderful journey starting in ChampĂ©ry (the best place to ski!), though Portes Du Soleil and walked all the way to Barmaz. The view opens up to a plateaux in the middle of a valley where you can enjoy a national Swiss dish in one of the two restaurants - Cantine Des Dents Blanche and Cantine de Barmaz. Nonetheless, our hiking journey wasn't over yet. Being my stubborn self, I wanted to walk up higher in order to see the snow - let's face it, snow in the middle of summer is quite the experience!

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Today was an absolute roller coaster of colours, items and emotions! If you are looking to be absorbed in the urban coherence of a creative wonderland I would definitely recommend Camden Market! The quirky streets of the area will take you on a journey of discovery, individuality and character. I am personally really into the extremes of styles; from goth, to punk, to bohemian, to hipster. I believe that the people who dare to wear such exclusive clothing have some big guts! Not only to shock others in the visual context, but also open up their personality and share that with the world - it's as if they were screaming a massive optical statement. Camden takes you back on a ride of a restro past lifestyle that will guarantee you positive and crazy emotions which you won't want to let go of for at least a couple of hours. As I am writing this I am listening to the legendary Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Guns'n'Roses in comparison to this morning when my iTunes was playing mostly mainstream and minimal. This has to mean something! In my opinion, I just don't want to get back to the modern day of today...somewhat not for the moment. I hardly had time to take photos of Camden because I went there for my lunch break, and also to write a review on the London Rebel pop up shop that opened yesterday. Then again, I should probably also mention, that having to be honest - I got very much carried away by all the most random stuff that was on sale! If you are in the state of craving new amazing jewellery, food or even in the search of a painting to decorate your interior - don't get worked up, because by going there you will find all that you are looking for!